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Project Gravity

Retro shooter with ability to change gravity

Fast paced first person shooter game with bullet hellish gameplay and ability to change gravity.

Fast-paced first-person shooter game with bullet hellish gameplay and the ability to change gravity.

Key features
  • Changing gravity
    Have you ever wanted to walk on the ceiling? Well, now you can!

  • Bullet hell
    All the bullets are physics-based (no hitscan) so you can dodge most of the bullets (with a bit of skill)

  • Bullet time
    Just somewhat standard slowing down of time. Really helps with dodging bullets and also shooting down enemies while in the air. Are you asking why would anyone do that - because it's cool!

  • Melee
    Because sometimes you just want to punch someone in the face with a mace (or sword or axe).

  • Dashing
    Skip short distance frontward. Help with platforming. Also good to get out of hard to handle fighting situations.

  • Boss fights
    More enjoyable to fight with than your common foe.


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